BOS spol. s r.o. Purkyňova 0109, 250 82 Úvaly

Obchodní oddělení pro Čechy a Moravu: Tel.: +420 281 980 124 (-125, -127) E-mail:

Dear Customers,

Firm which was founded in 1992, has been developed since those days up to nowadays especially thanks to fact that we have been making utmost effort to meet the demands of our clients.. The crucial part of our manufacturing programme is producing single and double coated steel tanks up to 100m3 of content with special constructional design which allowes of all types of tightness and leakproof failure signalling systems. In addition to this we can provide delivery of whole range of component parts for constructing of entrance, revision and decantation shafts. We also provide constructing recuperation and drainless basins as well as leakproof catch basins under all types of fuel distribution stands.

We offer flexibility and an individual approach with a view to clients specific demands or we can proceed constructing according to our clients plan.

We also deal in :
- constructing and reconstructing above metioned devices
- technological distribution assembly
- installing separatory walls into tanks
- installing tightness and leakproof failure signalling systems
- level measuring
- storage capacity expandig
- turning single coated tanks into double coated tanks
- providing supply and service for all types of filling and fuel storage stations